Dodge 05-06 Shortbed 4x4 FASS 95gph

Dodge 05-06 Shortbed 4x4 FASS 95gph



ATS Twin CP3 Kit (No Pump) 2007-2008 Dodge 6.7L Cummins [7018002326]    

Twin CP3 Injection Pump Kit

07+ Dodge 6.7L Cummins w/out pump (customer provides 2nd pump, MUST use pump from GM LB7 (97720662) or LLY (97303762)Duramax!


Q: How will the Twin CP3 kit effect my fuel economy?
A: Fuel economy will not decrease when you install the Twin CP3.  Fuel mileage, in some cases, is increased due to the more stable fuel volume levels produced.

Q: Can I use any Duramax CP3 pump with this kit?
A: Any Duramax CP3 injection pump will fit.  ATS currently ships the Twin CP3 kit with an LB7 CP3 pump.

Q: Is the Twin CP3 compatible with a modified CP3?
A: Yes, if you have a modified CP3 pump, the Twin CP3 kit will utilize it, while increasing it's life in the long run.

Q: Why should I buy the Twin CP3 vs. a modified pump?
A: A modified pump is just that - modified.  Longevity is significantly decreased and a single modified pump will not keep up with the fuel demand of the higher HP applications, so fuel pressure can still drop on the higher RPM range.  ATS Twin CP3s will maintain stock fuel pressure throughout the entire RPM range even on high horsepower applications.  Longevity is increased because two pumps will supply all the fuel required while working far below the failure point.

Q: What do you mean when you talk about fuel volume vs. fuel pressure?
A: Fuel volume is the physical amount of fuel coming into the fuel rail.  Fuel pressure is the actual pressure needed for proper fuel atomization to create an efficient burn. ATS Twin CP3s will maintain a high volume of fuel to the fuel rail, while maintaing factory pressure to ensure that an efficient burn takes place. Modified, single pumps have the reverse effect in fuel handling as they will actually start to loose fuel volume at high horsepower levels and over-pressurize your fuel rail, causing leaks and fuel system failures.

Q: Why does your system use this size pulley?
A: We run this pulley to make sure the CP3 pumps run at stock speeds, increasing pump's reliability and life.

Q: What about the warranty?
A: The ATS Twin CP3 kit comes with a 3 year, 150,000 mile warranty.

Q: Why aren't you still making a single pump?
A: Because the fuel pump longevity decreases.  The single pump has to run at an increased rate (over 100 of normal operating capacity) to keep up with increased fuel demands. This 'over-speeding' of the pump's inherent capacity causes it to fall short when high fuel demands are required, as well as shortening pump life.

Q: Do I need an aftermarket Fuel Control Actuator (FCA)?
A: The unique design of the ATS CP3 kit works perfectly with your stock FCA. The CP3 setup flows fuel at factory pressure while providing more fuel volume, so the stock FCA will work just as well as an aftermarket replacement.

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