PPE Dodge 2003-2008  5.9/6.7L Standard Xcelerator

PPE Dodge 2003-2008 5.9/6.7L Standard Xcelerator



F1 Diesel 24v Pro/Sportsman Valve Springs [Sportsman Valve Springs]    

F1 Diesel 24v Pro/Sportsman Valve Springs

Alloyed from Chromium Steel the Pro/SportsMan springs are designed to be used with the Helix 2 and Helix 3 camshafts.  They control the valve train without any compromise.  They fit in the stock location, use the stock retainers and locks and will not rip the stock valve seals up like a double spring will.  They are triple shot peened, and special process hardened to proved a life long solution for the Cummins 24 Valve engine. RPM range is unlimited. Boost is unlimited.  You will not float with these. The steel used is an ovate shaped wire, not round. This allows high lift cams to never coil bind and plenty of room to install even the most radical lift lobe camshafts.  

            STOCK and Pro/SportsMan Spring Pressure Curves

                                       Stock                    Pro

Seat Pressure                   80 lbs                  93 lbs

.100" lift                          100 lbs                125 lbs
.200" lift                          120 lbs                157 lbs
.300" lift                          145 lbs                193 lbs
.325" lift                          150 lbs                200 lbs   Stock 24V Intake lift at the Valve
.395" lift                          175 lbs                225 lbs   Stock 24V Exhaust lift at the Valve
.400" lift                          179 lbs                230 lbs
.450" lift                        COIL BIND             245 lbs
.500" lift                        COIL BIND             255 lbs
.550" lift                        COIL BIND             265 lbs
.568" lift                        COIL BIND             270 lbs

Pictured here is a computer analysis of the ovate wire spring VS the round wire spring under load.  The red and blue areas indicate the highest and lowest stressed area respectively.  The ovate wire is clearly less stressed and the stress is not located inside the spring coils like the round wire is.  This lower stress will increase spring life, durability and generate lower heat. The larger cross section in the ovate wire shows much more blue
( low stress ) areas as well.

       Stock Round Springs                       Pro/Sportsman Spring

 round_stock_spring_test_200                 ovate_sportsman_spring_test_200





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