Chevy 2004.5-2008 Release Valve Shim Kit for LLY/LBZ/LMM

Chevy 2004.5-2008 Release Valve Shim Kit for LLY/LBZ/LMM



F1 Diesel Spartan Billet Camshaft [Spartan Billet Cam]    

Spartan Billet Complete Kit:  The Spartan Billet is a "drop in" steel camshaft and does NOT require bushings be installed in the block for compatibility.  This saves machining costs and allows for a faster installation.  The engine will not require complete tear down and re-assembly.  Saving thousands of dollars and 40 or more hours of labor. The Spartan cam differs from the Billet Helix in several ways:  It features an engineered surface finish, heat treatment and specialized coating to eliminate wear of the cast iron Cummins block.  It will provide the highest degree of reliable use in a Cummins engine of any other camshaft manufactured by any company. 

$1212.00  On Sale NOW! Comes with this complete package:

Spartan Billet Camshaft, Bolt, Billet Gear Retainer, and Keyway
Spartan Processed Tappets
F1 Bronze Thrust Plate
F1 Heavy ZDDP Oil Additive
Torco Assembley Lube for Installation

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