HTT Super Stock 62/71/13ss (2003-2007 Dodge)

HTT Super Stock 62/71/13ss (2003-2007 Dodge)



D-Tech Cummins 2003-2007 Stock Turbo Twin Kit [03-07 D-Tech Stock Twins]    

Have high EGT's? Those big singles not cooling like you want? 

WE HAVE YOUR SOLUTION, with cost comparable to new single turbos.

*With this kit you use your stock turbo as the small turbo.*

Diesel Power Source, Twin/Compound Turbo Kit, performs excellent when Racing, Towing, or Sled Pulling, but is very mild mannered.

SPOOL UP IS COMPARABLE TO STOCK, while raising airflow significantly. Customers are amazed at the spool up, and driveability. Again, SPOOL UP IS COMPARABLE TO STOCK. While most twin setups are sluggish off the line, this kit uses your stock turbo as the small turbo, allowing for very quick spool-up, which makes boost right off idle. Then a large volume HT3B comes in to produce all of the airflow you'll need.

EGT's are typically reduced by 250-450 degrees, over a single turbocharger. Making towing with these Twins a dream. At 60 psi boost, drive pressure (exhaust) is appx. 70 psi, imagine how easily your engine is breathing, at nearly 1:1 ratio at 60 psi boost.  Horsepower, and torque are increased throughout the entire RPM band, and significantly increased in mid and upper range.

Specifically tuned for 300 to 600 horsepower applications. This kit is the most unique and innovative Twin Turbo Kit available today, with features like:

  • Direct bolt-on application, no cutting or fabrication needed.
  • Uses only the stock oil return (no need to pop out freeze pluge for the second return line), all oil returns in the single, stock block return line.
  • Bolts directly up to the stock exhaust.
  • The absolute largest air filter on the market.
  • Air tubing is Silicone with Kevlar embedded, you don't have to fight to the a steel air lines. Tubing is flexible, and and tested to over 75 psi, (250 psi for the Sled Puller version (add. $200)). Tubes are sticky so they don't blow off, under pressure, and come in a variety of colors.
  • Steel braided oil feed lines.
  • Polished Compressor Housing on Top Turbo.
  • BHTB3 Secondary charger.
  • Four colors of tubing to choose from (Blue, Black, Red and Orange).
  • 3-Piece pulse manifold included in kit.

Head studs are highly recommended for boost pressure over 50 psi, and fire rings recommended for boost pressure over 60 psi.


This system is capable of over 60 psi, depending on truck, most trucks with a "Hot" chip, will see 55-65 psi boost.

Kit includes: Air Intake, Air Filter, Cast Iron Elbow (carries exhaust from primary to secondary turbo), 3-Piece Manifold, 2 Rubber Inlet Air Tubes (reinforced with steel to prevent collapsing), 2 Silicone/Kevlar Tubes, 1-BHT3B Turbo (secondary), 2-Steel Braided High Temp Oil Supply Lines, 2-Steel Drain Lines, Turbo Gaskets, Oil Line Adapters, Mounting Bolts, Exhaust Adapter (from BHT3B to exhaust pipe), V-Band Clamps, High Torque T-Bolt Clamps, Low Torque Clamps, Brackets, Installation Instructions.

There are a few modifications we have you make to your your stock turbo to work with this kit, the modifications will still allow the stock turbo to be used as a stock turbo if you decide to in the future.

1-Year Warranty.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 25 August, 2009.

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