Dodge 05-06 Shortbed 4x4 FASS 95gph

Dodge 05-06 Shortbed 4x4 FASS 95gph



X-Power Plus 2004.5-2005 Dodge 600 [1054525]    

The new X-Power Ram module offers new technology in performance for the Common Rail fuel systems on the 2003 and up Dodge 5.9L Diesels, including the 600 series.  The X-Power achieves performance gains by altering the duration timing of the injection pulse and not by increasing the rail pressure which has been know to cause fuel leakage and damage.  The X-Power also makes for an easy installation by connecting to the factory injector plugs and MAP sensor. 

The X-Power Ram module had four adjustable preset power levels that produce increases of up to 160 HP!  Included with the X-Power module is the Power Dial which gives progressive performance control and comes with a color coded decal.

To make a complete performance installation, we suggest installing the X-Monitor digital gauge pack to let you know what temperatures and pressures your engine and transmission are producing to help prevent any damage.  Also available is the Low Fuel Pressure LED Alarm Kit that will alert you if you are developing too low of fuel pressure that can damage the Common Rail fuel system. 

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 07 April, 2007.

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