Dodge 05-06 Shortbed 4x4 FASS 95gph

Dodge 05-06 Shortbed 4x4 FASS 95gph




Q—How often do I need to change my fuel filter?
A---you need to change your fuel filter “every” time you change your oil. Refer to your owners’ manual for oil change intervals.

Q—Will red diesel fuel cause damage to my fuel system?
A---Yes and No. Off road fuel is designed to run just that, off road. Some will say that there is no difference in red fuel and normal highway fuel. However, it has been our experience that red fuel is a much lower grade of diesel fuel and has been traced to cause injectors to stick on newer systems, causing severe engine damage. On older fuel systems, red fuel doesn’t seem to cause this type of damage.

Q---Can I put an exaust brake on my truck for extra stopping power?
A---Yes, there are several different models available, check with us to find out the best for your truck.

Q—I have an older truck, can you turn the fuel up on it and will I get better mileage?
A---Yes, it has been proven that increasing the fuel delivery on older vehicles increases fuel mileage by at least 2mpg.

Q—Are all the diesel trucks today controlled by a computer?
A—Yes, the mfg’s found that the only way to meet EPA standards, they had to go to electronic controls for fuel delivery and timing. We at Diesel Diagnostics can test all these newer computer controlled systems with our state-of-the-art diagnostics.

Q—Can you test my injection pump and injectors?
A---Yes, we can repair and test most major fuel injection systems from locomotive diesel systems, all the way down to single cylinder lawn mowers. If it’s diesel, rest assured we can repair on it. We have experienced technicians armed with special test equipment to calibrate and check injections pumps and injectors.

Q---Can I put a performance chip on my truck under warranty?
A---This is a very sensitive subject. Some dealers will tell you “anything” aftermarket on your vehicle will void your mfg warranty. However others will tell you they don’t care, as long as you remove it prior to any warranty claims. That being said, if you install anything on your vehicle that “causes” damage to your engine or drive train, rest assured, all warranties will be void.

Q---I’m afraid my engine is on it’s last leg. It’s starting to knock and smoke pretty bad, can you recommend a solution?
A---Yes, we are a dealer for “Jasper Engines and Transmissions”. They make the most cost effective engines with excellent warranties. We can install a long block or a complete running dyno tested engine. Contact us for pricing and availability.

Q—My truck has broken down, do you have a wrecker to come get it?
A—No, we use reputable people in the Lufkin area. You can contact them directly, or we can arrange to have your vehicle towed.

Q---Can I put a performance chip on my new truck for better fuel mileage?
A---Yes, in some cases, we can increase your fuel mileage 3 to 5 miles per gallon, depending on application and driving habits.


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